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Parenthood: A Black and White Transformation Into Color!

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I was asked the other day by an expecting friend what life will be like once he becomes a parent.  I thought for a few seconds and then realized that my life before the birth of my two amazing children, once filled with tropical adventures, back road drives to everywhere and concerts on a whim was black and white in comparison to my present day life in color.  I relayed to my friend that my life was amazing before my kids; but, has far exceeded what I could have ever dreamed it to be. Yes, sometimes I wish I had sunglasses on, as it can be so very colorful; but, those busts of rainbow that surround me are opportunities to grow, evolve, see and explore layers of myself that I otherwise would have never known. 

 Parenthood is an incredibly transformative journey.  Here, I am often the student, as my children truly are my greatest teachers.  My conservative self has been shown how a lovely sparkly accessory or treasure can swiftly  transform an ordinary day so easily to a special one, smoothly executed by the creative mind and hands of my three year old daughter.  The simplicity of a statement spoken from the kind mind of my seven year old son, "It doesn't have to be perfect, Mama" shifts a seemed failure to a work in progress.  Life is filled with challenges and opportunities, depending on one's perspective.  In mine, I seek the colorful opportunities, sparkly and patient that are so often mirrored for me in my children.